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Face Up 2 Menopause

Does it feel like menopause is taking over your life?

Are you experiencing some of the many symptoms like sleeplessness, brain fog, hot flushes, sore joints, weight gain, mood swings, and fatigue?

Embrace healthy ageing

We focus on actionable and achievable lifestyle changes based on scientific research in our Face Up 2 Menopause learning sessions.

Join us to learn how

Dates for our next Face Up 2 Menopause learning ​session will be announced in July 2024. Sign up to our ​newsletter to be updated.

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What you will learn

We guide you through the four pillars of our approach to managing your symptoms

The four pillars of Face Up 2 Menopause Learning sessions are Supportive Sleep, Simple Nutrition, Strong Movement and Sustainable Change.
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Supportive Sleep

Get back to a good night’s sleep to improve your energy, manage weight, and get rid of mood swings.

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Simple Nutrition

Use the Mediterranean approach to nutrition for weight management, improving energy, mood swings, and liver health.

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Strong Movement

Build and maintain your fitness, balance, strength, and your heart health – without making your symptoms worse.

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Sustainable Change

Mindset hacks to manage stress and be able to implement your new lifestyle habits consistently.

Mel Harrison is a certified Menopause Specialist, studying Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD)'s accreditation.

Face Up to Menopause is affiliated with Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD) and incorporates information and research from her My Menopause Transformation with her permission.

Why join our learning sessions?

The Face Up 2 Menopause learning sessions are facilitated by a Certified Menopause Specialist supported by experienced coaches and workshop facilitators. We are also women who are experiencing many of the symptoms of menopause so we understand exactly what it is like!

We provide guidance that you can implement in your life straight away, no additional investment required.

These menopause learning sessions are fun, interactive and informative. An opportunity to meet like minded people and talk about positive solutions for menopause symptoms. Our small group learning sessions allow you to learn and share information in a safe and engaging way. We break down the important information into helpful tips in a workbook you can make notes in and take home.

Your hosts

Headshot of Mel Harrison co-founder of Face Up 2 Menopause and a menopause specialist. She wears an orange top and is smiling

Mel Harrison

Mel is a qualified Menopause Specialist and Pilates Instructor who runs her own Pilates studio.

Mel wants to help women age gracefully, move easier, and embrace the change.

Lisa Hunter

Lisa is an experienced facilitator and accredited coach specialising in personal development, changing habits, and goal setting. Lisa can help you turn what you learn into actionable lifestyle changes.

Head shot of Vee Linton co-founder of Face Up 2 Menopause. She wears a grey top and is smiling.

Vee Linton

Vee is a certified menopause coach ​and an experienced facilitator. Vee ​is passionate about helping others ​learn about menopause to help ​themselves. Vee is responsible for ​technology, design, and marketing.

Book a menopause learning session

Our next Face Up 2 Menopause learning session will be announced in July. Sign up to our Newsletter to get ​updates to your inbox.

Mastering Menopause Virtual Summit

Mel Harrison was a guest speaker at the Mastering Menopause Virtual Summit where she joined 14 other menopause experts to share information through the online summit.

The Mastering Menopause Virtual Summit was a free menopause event run online from 1-7 April 2024, with 15 menopause experts from Australia and New Zealand sharing different perspectives on menopause and sharing information and resources to help anyone going through perimenopause and post menopause.

Mel’s Love Your Liver presentation explained what the liver does, why it is so important for mid-life women to look after their liver, and sharing tips that support your liver health and promote healthy ageing through menopause and beyond.

After the end of the free virtual summit anyone with the All-Access pass can still access the Summit content. This will give you access to the presentations, handouts and the premium content resource up until 31 March 2025 for a one off payment of $49. Find out more about the event and All-Access Pass.

What others say

What previous participants have said

"I really enjoyed coming to the Face Up to Menopause talks. Sharing with other women in the same stage of life was very beneficial. We laughed and passed on helpful tips and tricks."

“Menopause matters, great to be able to talk about it.”

“Absolutely invaluable advice, information that every woman shoult attend. So helpful to know that this is a stage of life that has so many tips to try to assist.”

“Good reminders of practical strategies as well as brand new information - I didn’t even know what the liver did until today”

"It was a really special opportunity to connect and share with other women and try being part of the solutions, not focusing on all the problems"

“It was really great to have the opportunity to bond as females going through the same journey but with us all having a slightly different twist. It felt comforting and empowering being able to share and have some tips on how to better manage some of our symptoms.”

“I think the format and content was spot on. Intro's were excellent. It was 'meaty' enough, without being too much. I thought the balance of info and anecdotes/real life examples was perfect.”

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Different types of learning sessions

We offer a range of learning sessions focused on menopause, from in-person, small ​groups, to online and corporate. Read the descriptions below and you can register your ​interest for one of these learning sessions.

In-person learning sessions

$69 per person

Our three hour in-person menopause learning session is held every few months with a small group of women in the Wellington region.

The content is the full Face Up 2 Menopause programme, and we have time to go into plenty of detail, sharing tips and personal stories.

Webinar learning sessions

$59 per person

You can join our 90 minute webinar from the comfort of your own home.

We have condensed the content from our three hour learning session to cover the same content but we don’t go into as much detail as at the in-person learning session.

Workplace menopause talk

$150 per hour

A one hour general public talk designed for workplaces is suitable for men and women of all ages to help demystify menopause and help generate discussion.

We designed this as a one hour talk so it can be run over a lunch hour, and we can tailor it for your specific needs, and the staff who will be attending.

Terms & Conditions

How to book

  • Click Book in our top Navigation to see what Face Up to Menopause learning sessions are available to book.
  • Then click the Book now button and complete the form to sign up.
  • If no learning sessions are available to book, you can Register your interest and we will let you know when the next event is open for booking.
  • If you are booking for a learning session at the Upper Hutt Women’s Centre you will be communicating directly with the Upper Hutt Women’s Centre about your booking, payment and any cancellations.

Booking confirmation

  • Once you have booked your Face Up 2 Menopause learning session, you will automatically receive our payment details by email.
  • Your place in the learning session will be fully confirmed once payment has been made.
  • Please use your name as the payment reference.
  • If you are an early bird register or are using a promo code your email payment confirmation will reflect the discounted price.

Payment policy

  • Payment of the learning session fee is required to secure your place in the menopause learning session.
  • Payment can be made online as a Bank transfer payment of the fees to our bank account. We will send you these details over email after you book.

Cancellation policy

  • You can cancel your place in a learning session and receive a full refund up until 7 days before the event date.
  • If you cancel within 7 days of the learning session event we will automatically enrol you to the next learning session. If you can’t make that event date, talk to us to arrange a refund.

Privacy policy

  • We collect basic contact information from you when you sign up so we can communicate with you about your booking.
  • If you choose to sign up to occasional newsletters, we will email you from time to time with upcoming events and important news. You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Your information is not passed onto any third parties.
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